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Evaluation of Potential for E-Commerce Services Evaluation of use of non-Internet services and which services would be used if available online. Also website evaluation.
Corporate demographics and investigation of web building expenditures and activities.
Customer service evaluation and feedback survey.
Description of a website visitor... use of site, hardware, software, line speed.
Battery of questions focusing on attitudes about purchasing online and at a given site.
University bookstore online... evaluation of products and services to be offered.
Website usage and evaluation survey.
Service Evaluation and customer feedback for an Internet Service Provider.
How they found the site, items searched for, satisfaction and feedback.
Demographics, how did you find the site, what do you look for, hobbies, access, suggestions.
Have you purchased, who did you purchase from, what did you spend?
Nice survey of how they got there, what they are interested in and demographic profile.
Has shopper provided feedback to the internet retailer while shopping?
User website survey targeted to visitors
General Web Site Evaluation
Habits and uses study for Internet users
Demographics including assessment of resources needed by impaired.
Quality and completeness of web site documentation and information
website feedback and respondent Internet usage survey.
QuestionPro Usability Survey - Instant Feedback Survey displayed on all the pages
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