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Internet Shopper What Do Women Want... For Valentines Day?
What life goals (values) are most important to you?
Going on a date? Try these on for size...
Test battery for events of life, attributions, control.
Love??? Probably Not... Compatability of Habits and Interests
A series of open ended questions to understand what are the most imporant things in life so as to relate them to my hypothesis of what is the meaning of life.
Feedback On Survey
Battery of questions focusing on merchandise quality, value, layout, convenience. Comparisons across 6 retailers.
SurveyShort evaluation of TV, Newspaper ads for a retail store viewed during product search.
Visit history, success in finding products searching for, satisfaction.
Attitudes and Life Style for clothing and fashion shopping.
Home electronics: family shopping habits, items purchased, purchase process.
Retail website, product and satisfaction survey
Retail store customer service and merchandise evaluation survey
Evaluation of Shopping Options
This survey is designed to obtain a better understanding of retailers and their e-commerce operations.
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